PartXplore is the ideal tool for visualizing and analyzing 3D CAD models without the need of the original CAD application. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it allows any user, either novice or CAD expert, to be able to explore any type of 2D/3D file.


View, Analyze and Collaborate


PartXplore allows you to build virtual prototypes, sets or 3D models from CAD files of different programs. Users can work on the aspects of preparation and / or improvement before devoting time and resources to the creation of a real prototype.

It has an extensive range of native translator CAD 2D/3D: Catia V4/V5, Unigraphics, Parasolid, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Cadds, IGES, STEP, Unisurf, STL (binary y ASCII), WorkNC geometry, VRML, WorkNC toolpaths, ISO toolpaths, DXF, VDA, DWG, Rhino, HPGL.

PartXplore has been designed to quickly import and analyze CAD files of any size, including very large files, with optimum efficiency, halving import time compared to the original CAD application.

The program saves native CAD data in a lightweight and simplified format (.a3d) and allows users to calculate surfaces and volumes, measure thicknesses, dimensions, angles, areas, etc., without the need for the original CAD application. This lightweight format allows for easy sharing between different collaborators via Email.

PartXplore finishes numerous 2D and 3D measurement functions of easy handling and great precision, thanks to the use of applied B-rep technology.
These measurement functions are effective, even for those who are not CAD specialists, since it includes predefined selection modes (points, 2D entities, surface planes …) that allow immediate and accurate results to be obtained.

The measurements can be automatically included as measuring elements and anchored in the characteristic points of the pieces. Measurement labels automatically rotate with the part to remain visible at all times.

Advanced metering functions also allow users to retrieve point clouds from their three-dimensional machines or from machine tool probes and quickly perform a control report from the original CAD information. PartXplore also allows you to easily generate control point files to be sent to three-dimensional machines or CN

PartXplore offers a wide range of annotation functions. Users can also easily and quickly communicate their observations, instructions or modify their requests.
Direct access to dimensional or geometric measurements, annotations and notes, greatly reduces the use of 2D drawings.
PartXplore offers a complete range of analysis tools tailored to help you make a budget, diagnostics, assembly manuals or preparation of models for manufacturing.
PartXplore differs from other software by including analysis functions that until now were reserved only for more costly CAD solutions. In addition to being efficient and very fast, even analyzing large models, they are very easy to use and allow to generate color results on the 3D model.
Simply click on the surface to insert labels automatically with the precise numerical values calculated. Dynamic Section: allows users to accurately and easily explore the interior of a model or set.
The dynamic function allows controlling the section plane with the mouse, in translation, rotation or following a guide curve. The cut section can be visible in the 3D model or as an isolated entity and can be extracted and exported in DXF format, etc.
Analysis of Curvatures and Flat Faces: offers users a valuable tool to quickly evaluate manufacturing costs and times.
The analyzed elements are automatically colored with the possibility of inserting measurement labels with precise values of the selected elements.
The creation of the Envelope Box of a piece or set of pieces is instantaneous and allows to know the dimensions, the volume and the weight of the selected elements or to determine the minimum optimum stock for the manufacture.
Accurate measurement information: The information can be displayed on both objects and surfaces and allows quick calculations of volumes or areas.
You can also get additional information such as the name of the object, total dimensions, number of faces. The calculation and display of Tilt Angles and Contrast Angles is very fast even in large pieces. PartXplore automatically colors the faces according to their angles of inclination to a reference vector.
The precise values of the angles are shown dynamically by passing the cursor over the faces and can be inserted automatically into the 3D model.
The Automatic 3D Model Comparator allows you to graphically display in real time the differences between two versions of the 3D model.
Modifications are clearly identified by colors, showing added material and deleted material.
PartXplore integrates a complete animation engine that allows you to create graphic representations of exploded views or animation of set movements.
The start-up of the animations is done easily from basic movements such as translation, rotation or following a guide curve.
Dynamic Collision Analysis during animations allows users to control in real time the proper functioning of the mechanism or process by checking the distances between objects.
Small videos can be generated directly from the animation menu to be shared with clients or other members of the project.
With PartXplore you can easily generate screen prints to document your datasheets or assemblies. In addition to the traditional screen capture features, PartXplore has an image collector that stores them easily and then handles and sends them.
PartXplore allows users to easily share their CAD models throughout the design and manufacturing process, with all parties involved in the project: Project managers, marketing, sales, production managers, customers or suppliers.
Creation of predefined scenes: in a company, it is important to be able to use communication tools that promote a model of good management, so that all colleagues can take advantage of it, regardless of the degree of user experience.
The predefined scenes are created and saved in the application. In these scenes, the settings, orientations and views are saved in a fixed state with the corresponding annotations, dimensions or labels. The user can easily navigate from one scene to another to position themselves in each view defined by the creator of the scene.
To export:
With PartXplore, you can quickly convert your native or standard 3D models using available export formats (IGES, STEP, STL,
DXF, URLM, Geometry CAM WorkNC). B-rep models can be saved in IGES format.
You no longer need to ask about the compatibility of the file format or what CAD software your collaborators have. PartXplore offers the possibility of sending 3D parts or packages to a subcontractor, customer or collaborator by creating a very compact and light standalone application (.EXE) that can be easily sent.
The receiver can view, measure, annotate or split the received model without the need for any software installed.
In addition, a protection can be integrated that guarantees the delivery of the data only to interested people.

PartXplore 2016 – News & Improvements

partxplorer-12345The Animation Engine has been completely revised to make more realistic animation sequences along with a much simpler editing process. In this new version, the animation is based on units of time and not on number of positions. You can define several movements for an entity or group of entities. These can be single individual movements or combined movements. With this new process we can validate the movements of a set and, for example, detect collisions between sets or entities, or define a documented process to assure a correct assembly of a project.
partxplorer6767This new external tool allows you to convert large native or standard CAD files (even a large number of files) into the format
PartXplore. In earlier versions, WorkXplore could not be used during the import process. Now, with this tool the process is completely automatic and completely transparent.
Users can continue working with PartXplore. Conversions can be launched by the user himself, but they can also be
Programmed to process certain files in predetermined locations upon discovery that they have been created or modified.
partxplorer90909Now, all entities – including models and wires – are present in the assembly tree structure of the CAD file.
Added the search function in the tree, about the entity names, with the possibility of using wildcards (* and?).
Entity management is now much easier; Can be searched, grouped, classified …
partxplorer565767Certain surfaces may be missing after importing a file and this may adversely affect the subsequent analysis of a model. The new “Patch” function allows you to solve this problem. Users can now create surfaces by determining contour boundary curves based on existing surface edges, and can determine if they are tangent to existing surfaces. You can also add internal curves and define a linear discretization to give a better definition to the created patch.
The wide range of new features and enhancements introduced in this release offer more flexibility to PartXplore in all production processes, including departments like Purchasing, Commercial, Design, Production or Marketing.
– Creation of lists of materials
– Line Thickness and Full Section in the Dynamic Section
– Import Solidworks 2D, VDA, Rhino, etc.
– Dynamic information in taking measurements
– Creating Union Curves
– Management of multiple 2D plans in joint view …

Here you can download the PartXplore Presentation