CT Advanced Manufacturing is a business unit that belongs to CT Solutions Group, focused on consulting and implementation of additive manufacturing solutions, offering the full integration of products distributed by the manufacturer – 3d Systems. Its mission is:

“Help companies to be more competitive in the advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping field and to be their collaborator, enabling them to transform their ideas into reality.”

CT Advanced Manufacturing is a 3D printing solutions integrator. It assists not only the necessities in all of the areas of the industry but also in its architecture and design. As 3D Systems partner, the worldwide leader in 3D printing, CT Advanced Manufacturing offers wide range of machinery, to satisfy all of your necessities in terms of trim levels, materials, colours, speed and simplicity of your 3D projects.

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CT Advanced Manufacturing has a distribution agreement with the manufacturer – 3D Systems, the worldwide leader in 3D printers. The agreement is based on its range of professional and production products, within R&D sectors, product and design, aeronautics and spatial, medicine, jewellery, architecture and interior design, moulds and smelting, automotive, electronics, machine tool, etc. Sectors in which CT Solutions Group has a wide range of expertise.






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creatix 3d3DSystems is a worldwide leader in 3D printing solutions: personal, professional and production 3d printers. Being an inventor of stereolithograph in the beginning of the 80’s 3DSystems has developed different 3D printing processes that substitutes and complement traditional manufacturing methods. They help to reduce new product design time and cost through previously directly digitalized 3D printed objects.

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