Asidek is a business unit in CT Solutions Group that integrates PLM technology of Autodesk.

Asidek mission is to help businesses become more competitive, improving their products, assets or project lifecycle management with Autodesk technology.


Accreditation granted by the software manufacturer Autodesk.


We are the only direct partner of Autodesk in Iberia. Support and training for our technicians comes directly from the manufacturer.


Generación de clientes nuevos e implantación de nuevas tecnologías en la base instalada.

WHERE DO WE WORK – Sectors in architecture, engineering and construction

We work in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Infrastructure / Public works
  • Oil&gas /Chemicals / Energy
  • Building
Building information modelling (BIM) is an integrated process that allows architects, engineers, builders and owners to digitally explore the characteristics and key functions of their project, like costs, planning and environmental impact, before starting the project.

Imagen7BIM starts with a 3D model.

The importance of BIM is what it can really do with the information that one puts inside the 3D model:

Visualise the designs and consequently it allows you to take the most suitable decisions.

Quickly and preciselysimulatemultiple design alternatives.

Communicate/collaborate the design plans with greater accuracy in precise drawings, rendered images, virtual walk-throughs, in-depth time management, reducing costs and time with the help of interference calculation before starting to build.

Improve productivity with planning.

Provide a valuable active digital asset for the project owner for operation and management maintenance.

WHERE DO WE WORK – Manufacturing sector

Our manufacturing sectors:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Machinery/Capital Equipment
  • Construction and manufacturing products
  • Automotive
  • Transport
Technology that we implement:

Imagen9Autodesk technology: Digital Prototyping

Digital Prototyping is a technology created  for product development that allows for the design, visualisation and simulation of  products quickly and profitably. It stimulates innovation and helps to offer quality products faster than ever.

Digital Prototyping helps to:

  • Innovate
  • Simulate
  • Optimise designs, improve quality
  • Document data management and collaboration.
  • Reduce drastically the time of product design and life-cycle development.
  • Realistic visualisations
Digital Prototyping works with only one digital model. Everyone uses the same information, that is updated through design of products, development, manufacturing and processes that allow improvement of communication speed.


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